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Project Picture

Merchandise Graphic Design

$200.00 + Equity

$200.00 + Equity

Imprint Merchandising Inc.


Imprint Merchandising Inc. is a new start-up that builds and manages e-commerce merchandise stores for social media stars. After having built our clientele base to 3 YouTubers and having hit $50k in sales since launch date 3 months ago, we’ve proven our business model and are looking to expand quickly to develop the clientele base.

Imprint Merchandising Inc. is looking for a designer and store manager to join the team as a partner in the company. The chosen designer will go through a 1-2 month testing period, developing different designs throughout that time on a contractual basis, before eventually being given equity in the company as a partner assuming that the goals of the company and it’s partners have been met.

Send in an application if you're interested!

Learning Opportunities

  • Develop a solid and deep understanding of Shopify and the incredible possibilities it provides
  • Design for YouTube stars with hundreds of thousands of subscribers
  • Learn how to manage and rapidly build a new company looking to scale quickly


  1. Develop 3-5 designs (t-shirts, coffee mugs, blankets etc) for November - December 2016
  2. Develop the brand of Imprint Merchandising Inc., and the way it will show itself off to future clientele
  3. Manage 3+ stores and the merchandise available through suppliers

Required Skills

  • Incredible design skills.
  • On time. Always.
  • A little bit quirky.

Applications are now closed for this project.

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