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Web Developer Hiring

$15-$20/hour Apply!

Canarmony Corp.


Canarmony Corp. is a Kingston-based software start-up that creates software and tools to simplify work and life everywhere. Their MESH product applies mathematical algorithms to tackle complex scheduling for hospitals and other organizations while their OPTT product provides a platform for healthcare providers and patients to securely connect online. Canarmony is closely tied to Queen’s, being located at Innovation Park, and co-founded by an Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor..

Canarmony is looking for developers to assist with testing and development of their products as soon as possible. They will be paying the successful applicant $15-$20/ hour (based on experience and other factors), and are flexible regarding the number of hours per week, and regarding remote work.

They are looking for developers with skills in the following aspects, please indicate in your application what set of skills you offer. Priority will be given to those who can fully or partly support more than one area.

  • Front-end – Java, Angular, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Back-end – Ruby
  • Algorithm engineer
  • UI/UX

Another important aspect is that Canarmony is looking to stay and grow within Kingston, particularly by using Queen’s University talent. This position could turn into full-time work, with equity options as well. Apply for a chance at this exciting & potentially long-term opportunity!

Send in your resumé if you're interested in discussing this project further with the client!

Learning Opportunities

  • Connect with and learn from a renowned professor and highly talented team
  • Gain experience in working in a high intensity start up environment
  • Gain exposure to a variety of different industries, through customer specific projects


  1. Develop applications for a growing start-up solving real world problems
  2. Coordinate and communicate within the team

Required Skills

  • Background in programming language of said position (Java, Bootstrap, etc)
  • Communication and teamwork skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit is a plus

This project accepts applications on a rolling basis, and could be closed at any time.

Please send your resumé to with the subject line "YourName_ProjectName_Application."

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