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Business Efficiency Consultation



CDK Walk In Clinic


CDK would like to maximize the efficiency of its business and daily operations. To accomplish this, changes to their current operations, IT systems, patient organization and other aspects may need to occur. In order to make these changes, CDK requires someone to research into the company's current business operations to find sources of lost efficiency. This is an opportunity to acquire an in-depth understanding of business operations, and to creatively problem solve an open-ended challenge.


Consult for CDK by doing the following:

  1. Meeting with members of the CDK team
  2. Observing the operations of the company in person
  3. Conducting internal and external research

Draft a report outlining areas of inefficiency, with recommendations for improvement along with a plan for implementation.

Required Skills

  • Business consulting experience
  • Comfortable analyzing company operations and asking in-depth questions to various employees
  • Strong research, analysis, report-writing and other soft skills

Applications are closed for this project.

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