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Web and App Development

$1000+ and Equity

$1000+ and Equity

Description is a new venture aiming to deliver a two-sided marketplace platform - web and mobile - to book/request home maintenance services in real-time. Two students are needed for this project: one to focus on the website and the other to focus on the mobile app. The two students will get to collaborate to make sure that the functions of both platforms are well integrated. Note that you can apply as a team!

This start-up is offering an amazing paid and equity opportunity to develop a minimum viable platform (product)! The exact split will be determined by you and the founder if you are chosen for this project. The founder is expecting the work to be heavily concentrated between January and February 2017.

Send in your resumé if you're interested in discussing this project further!

Learning Opportunities

  • Learn to work directly with an entrepreneur
  • Create an amazing developer portfolio to show future employers
  • Gain insight into launching a start-up, working directly with a member of the Queen's Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation program


  1. Assist with developing a database system to serve both the web and mobile apps.
  2. Meet with the client once a week.
  3. Demo the functional site and mobile app to the client, and make updates as needed.
  4. Deliver a highly functional website and mobile app at the end of the project.

Required Skills

  • The ability to convert a broad concept into a highly functional product.
  • Knowledge of client side and server-side development i.e. MySQL, PHP and Apache
  • Knowledge of front-end development i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ajax
  • Knowledge of mobile-app development for iOS and Android

Applications are now closed for this project.

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