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Project Picture

Product Marketing Material Design




DragonFlyIT is looking for a graphic designer to create marketing collateral such as a brochure or pamphlet for a unique computer vision technology. The student has the freedom to design any kind of collateral they would like, so long as it provides the content that the client has provided. The product is still going through the product development cycle, and if you are successful it could lead to more work!

The price is flexible and more details on the project will be provided after signing an NDA.

Send in your resumé if you're interested in discussing this project further with the client!


The first draft must be completed for review by April 5th followed by a second draft to be completed by April 7th

Learning Opportunities

  • Work with a professional client
  • Gain experience and showcase your work for your portfolio


  1. Meet with client to discuss project requirements
  2. Create marketing collateral that explains the client’s technology in an attractive manner
  3. The brochure will mostly be graphic intensive, relative to the content
  4. Make any adjustments after client review

Required Skills

  • Previous experience in graphic design
  • Ability to write marketable content
  • Communication skills

Applications are now closed for this project.

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