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Project Picture

Android App Development - Back End

$1750 plus equity

$1750 plus equity



E-start is a new venture from a current student at Queen’s Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation program. This company is an educational video content provider for preschool to high school age kids in Nigeria. People in Nigeria have little access to textbooks or ways to learn, and E-start looks to solve this problem. Most people in Nigeria have access to Android phones, and have periodic access to the internet. The project will focus on developing this Android App.

Subscribers pay online from our website (or offline) and obtain a code. The code will enable the subscriber to download the app, and browse for content from a store online. Once downloaded, the content can be accessed on the subscribers’ device offline.


Estimated deliverable is end of January/ early February but flexible. You are not expected to begin working on it much until after exams.

Learning Opportunities

  • Back end Android app functionality
  • How to work as part of a team
  • Suggest ideas and help creative direction


The overall task is to create a mobile Android app, such as the Bookshelf™ software at

  • Work with the client to flesh out the idea, and advise them technically
  • Primarily responsible for the account system, video storage system, and video playback system
  • Include a way to make the videos non-transferrable between devices
  • Develop a fully functional and easy-to-use e-commerce shopping cart

Required Skills

  • Back end Android app development experience is a necessity
  • Project management and collaborative skills
  • Experience with testing software

Applications are closed for this project.

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