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Graphic Design



Harambe Escapes


Harambe Escapes is a new Android and iPhone game which is currently in development by a Queen's first-year student. The game is essentially complete, however it needs new graphics! The developer is open to new character ideas, themes, etc. There are two categories of images needed:

  1. Detailed Images (9 total) - These include the animal faces and bodies
  2. Easy to Medium Images (13 totoal) - These range from a green background, to a sound button. Generally smaller and less detailed.

Send in an application if you're interested!

Learning Opportunities

  • Learn about images needed for app and game development.
  • Learn to create animations using multiple photos.


  1. Meet with the developer and discuss the image requirements.
  2. Produce the images, making updates based on feedback.

Required Skills

  • Digital design experience
  • Creativity
  • Animation experience a plus

Applications are closed for this project.

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