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Web Development

$450 Apply!

$450 Apply!

Kosha Foods


Kosha Foods is a new company that makes vegan, gluten-free, and protein-rich Energy Balls. They are currently looking to build their website and improve their online presence. The website will be built using Wordpress and will incorporate e-commerce to sell a number of product packages. The client has much of the content prepared and is looking for someone to bring their ideas online.

Send in your resumé if you're interested in discussing this project further with the client!

Learning Opportunities

  • Improve your web development skills
  • Learn about e-commerce integration for selling products online
  • Work closely with a business selling an exciting product


The project consists of two milestones, each worth half of the money available.

  1. Create a website using Wordpress laid out to match the client’s needs
  2. Integrate an e-commerce platform using WordPress or Shopify
  3. Work closely with the client to develop content
  4. Allow the client to update content to the blog page in the future

Required Skills

  • Experience with web design and development
  • Knowledge of Wordpress
  • Flexible to work through iterations

This project accepts applications on a rolling basis, and could be closed at any time.

Please send your resumé to with the subject line "YourName_ProjectName_Application."

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