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This will be a content platform developed using Squarespace for specific industry-related news. The site will showcase events and information from across industries and across the country. Revenue streams will be traditional advertising, sponsored posts, and sponsored content. This project will give the student great web design experience with a Masters of Entrepreneur & Innovation student working on an exciting startup.


Estimated deliverable will be sometime in the winter term but is flexible. You are not expected to begin working on it much until after exams.

Learning Opportunities

  • Web design in squarespace
  • How to structure large chunks of information
  • How to work as part of a team
  • Suggest ideas and help creative direction


  1. Create an online news platform using Squarespace catering to sharing information
  2. Platform will allow for displaying news, have a header with multiple sections, and have the ability to archive information

Required Skills

  • Loves problem solving and is excited to build this type of platform
  • Knowledgeable in UI/UX design
  • Flexible to work through iterations and ideas
  • Recommend best practices but not be strict about holding them

Applications are now closed for this project.

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