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Project Picture

Spectra Plasmonics Website Revamp


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Spectra Plasmonics


Spectra Plasmonics is a Queen’s-based startup in the chemical detection space. We manufacture technology that enhances chemical detection for a wide range of applications. Currently, we are looking to revamp our website ( as we scale.

Deliverable: This website will be the first point of contact for scientists and high-level managers who come across Spectra Plasmonics. As such, we are looking for a professional website with a sleek and engaging interface. We will work closely with the selected student; sketches will be provided to guide the layout and content of the website.

Learning Opportunities

  • The chance to work closely with an early-stage startup
  • Develop an understanding of B2B marketing


  1. Develop a website that meets the agreed upon requirements
  2. Communicate closely with the team throughout the creation of the website
  3. Flexibility in making adjustments

Required Skills

  • Web design/development experience
  • Availability over the next month
  • PhD. in analytical chemistry (just kidding)

This project accepts applications on a rolling basis, and could be closed at any time.

Please send your resumé to with the subject line "YourName_ProjectName_Application."

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