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Social Media Coaching



Wild and Tame


David See and Shari Hughson inspire, teach and consult for people and communities to create self-reliant and self-sustaining lifestyles. They base this work on their 7 years' experience living off the land in the remote wilderness of British Columbia. They will soon be writing a novel about this experience and they want to promote it!

These days social media provides a perfect medium for that, but this medium is unfamiliar to David and Shari, and they want to improve their grasp of it in order to effectively market their work.

Learning Opportunities

  • Discover successful social media strategies
  • Gain mentorship experience


  1. Meet with David and Shari to discuss their business and their goals.
  2. Research effective social media strategies.
  3. Pass on your knowledge and personal experience to Shari and David.
  4. Provide recommendations on what strategies they should execute for best results.
  5. Consultation and coaching time will be up to a maximum of 8 hours.

Required Skills

  • Proven ability to attract followers and wield influence through social media
  • Effective communication skills
  • Patience

Applications are closed for this project.

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