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Wild and Tame


David See and Shari Hughson inspire, teach and consult for people and communities to create self-reliant and self-sustaining lifestyles. They base this work on their experience living off the land in the remote wilderness of British Columbia. In order to help with their work, they need a strong web presence!

Important: You will be working very closely with another student, focusing on the design aspects outlined here. If you know someone you would like to work with, mention each other when you both apply!

Learning Opportunities

  • Create a professional website and develop a new brand
  • Learn about e-commerce platforms for selling goods online
  • Discover Shari and David's adventures surviving in the wilderness


  1. Meet with David and Shari to discuss their business and their goals.
  2. Build them a manageable website with a landing page, an about page, photos, and a blog.
  3. Create a company Facebook page and plan a social media marketing strategy. Use analytics to track your effectiveness.
  4. Research and provide recommendations for developing an e-commerce platform for selling goods on the new site.
  5. Teach David and Shari how to use the systems you have setup for them.

Required Skills

  • Experience with web design and development
  • Creativity and motivation
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills

Applications are closed for this project.

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