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How It Works How It Works

As students we understand how difficult it is to receive quality work experience while working on your undergraduate degree. Connectiv8 is created and run by a motivated team of students with a passion for social change. We are here to offer you amazing opportunities that can help you build your resume in preparation for the real world.

We want you to connect with projects suited to your skills and talents and build a long lasting relationship with the employer. The Connectiv8 team will link you with cool and unique projects suited to your talents and interests. All you have to do is apply!

Help our team best provide you with projects suited to your talents and interests! Fill out our brief 2-minute survey used to gauge interest in different types of projects. This will allow our team to connect you with amazing paid opportunities and real life work experience. Thank you in advance for providing your feedback!

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How Does It Work?

Gain experience and earn money while helping a local business.

1) Apply

Find a project that suits your talents and interests on our website. Apply by sending in your resume to the Connectiv8 team, which is then forwarded to the client. Stay up to date by signing up for our newsletter! We will share opportunities that fit your skillset.

2) Collaborate

Once you are connected with a business work at your own pace. Show off your skills developing your project for your client. This is your chance to gain valuable work experience and challenge yourself to further expand your skills.

3) Collect

You and the client sign a contract before starting to work on the project. The contract outlines your responsibilities, pay and project specific deadlines. When you have completed the project, celebrate! Successful projects often lead to more opportunities, either with the client, or future employment elsewhere.

What Students Are Saying

Marina Galentovskaia

Marina Galentovskaia

"Connectiv8 really provided me with the opportunity to have a creative outlet through my graphic design; as well as to turn a hobby into a way of gaining monetary rewards, and compensation!"

“I had a great experience working with Shari. I was given great autonomy and flexibility with the work that I was doing and communication went very well! Connectiv8 really provided me the opportunity to have a creative outlet with my graphic design, seeing as though it was already a hobby of mine. I also really appreciated the opportunity to turn a hobby into an experience with monetary rewards as well—I didn’t even consider it work seeing as though I loved it so much! This being said, I am so grateful that Connectiv8 was able to provide me with this opportunity and I can’t wait for the next project that I can be a part of!”


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But school takes up so much time! How can I have time for Connectiv8 projects as well?
We totally understand! The projects are made to be fairly flexible and you will be able to work on it on your own time. You'll be able to discuss the project timeline with the business and collaborate on how much time commitment

But I have school during the day, how can I go to work?
You are a freelancer rather than an employee. This gives you the freedom to work on your own time without being actively managed. You may have a couple meetings with the business about the project but other than that, it is up to you on how you will complete the project as long as you meet the deadline.

Does the client, or Connectiv8 hire me?
The company hires you. Connectiv8 connects you with the client and provides a contract template for your project, but it is the company who chooses the best candidate for the role.

What kind of pay do these projects have?
It really depends on the project! Some projects only require a few hours of work, while some projects span many weeks. Check out our current projects here.

I think this project is going to take too much time for the price, why should I apply?
The projects provide you with a chance to work alongside professionals in their field while still in school. Beyond the financial reward, these projects are amazing learning opportunities. You'll be working with real businesses, learning how to manage a client-contractor relationship, and pushing your skills beyond your previous experience. Taking this into account, we aim for all our projects to be fairly priced for both the student and the business.

I don’t know how to do some of this stuff, how can I learn?
Beyond what you learn in school, there are tons of resources out there! As a Queen's student, you have access to video tutorials on anything from coding to photoshop at
Also check out this article for a ton of additional learning resources.

How long does the application take?
The application is usually as simple as sending us your resume! The business then decides who they want to contact further. They may want to have a quick phone interview or otherwise adjust this process slightly, but remember that sending in an application is no commitment. You'll always have the chance to contact the business and discuss the project before signing a contract.

Want to learn more? Have questions about our process?

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